Awareness of the illegal practice of law

Awareness campaign

The Montreal Bar’s mission is to protect Montrealers while supporting its members (lawyers) in the performance of their duties. We are the only section of the Quebec Bar that has retained the authority to take action against the illegal practice of law. The Quebec Bar has the authority to do so for the other sections outside of Montreal.

The illegal practice of law can seriously affect a victim’s life and undermines the professional integrity and credibility of the entire legal community.

Why an awareness campaign?

Montreal has the distinction of welcoming a large number of immigrants from many communities around the world. This unique aspect compared to the rest of Quebec as well as the size of the city allow fake lawyers to often go unnoticed.

Actions taken

Based on these observations, we want to raise awareness and inform and equip potential victims of these practices so they will turn to people who are qualified and have the skills to guide them through the immigration process.

Montreal Bar initiatives:

  • The “MÉFIEZ-VOUS !” campaign
  • The dedicated website “”
  • Helpful bookmarks and posters translated into several languages
  • Video clips
  • Simplified form for filing a complaint and reporting the illegal practice of law
  • Information sessions working closely with community organizations that are in contact with the different immigrant communities
  • Media campaigns through social media, newspaper and radio