Presenting the In House Counsel Committee

Article diffused on October 7, 2014

The mission of this Committee, created by the Bar of Montreal in May 2002, is to identify and examine problems specific to in house counsel, in order to submit appropriate recommendations to the Council of the Bar of Montreal.  Accordingly, the Committee represents the interests of all those who do not practice law in law firms, whether they work in the private, public or para-public sectors.

By doing this, the Committee increases the visibility of in house counsel.  For example, the Committee submitted recommendations to ensure that the Self-Evaluation Guide used by the Professional Inspection Service before inspections reflects the realities of in house counsel practice.

Moreover, over the years, various training sessions have been organized by the Committee on subjects related to the work of in house counsel and designed to shed light on practical applications. Subjects already treated include corporate environmental practice, searches and seizures, information management by in house counsel and, most recently, in house counsel in the age of social media.

In addition to such offerings, one of the Committee’s recent initiatives was to organize round tables enabling lawyers in corporate legal affairs departments to share the challenges they face from the implementation of specific legislative measures in their company.  Thus, in spring 2014, a group of 15 lawyers working as in house counsel met to discuss what would have to be done in preparation for the Canadian Anti-Spam Law. The participants were able to share their best practices.

The members of the Committee select its activities with great care and assesses the interest of members in each activity after it has taken place.  You are welcome to contact a Committee member with your suggestions.

The Committee, chaired by Mtre Anne Mayrand, consists of Mtres Antonietta Calitri, Éric Cantin, Raffaela Commodari, Philippe de Grandmont, Marc Desbiens, Sonia Deschenes, Cara Hutchison, Marie-Claire Lachance, Marie-Clode LaRocque, France Legault, Anamaria Cristina Miculescu, David Villeneuve. Mtres Nancy Brouillette and Doris Larrivée, respectively Committee Coordinator and Director General of the Barreau de Montréal, attend the meetings of the Committee, to offer their valued support.