Mtre Extra Junior Laguerre’s story

Developing my network

“I chose a career as a lawyer because of the wide variety of practice areas: you can be involved in every sphere of society. Also, since I have other interests in life, such as philanthropy, business and public service, the legal profession allows me to be very versatile. Law has taken me all sorts of places! I got involved to make a difference, a difference I’m particularly aware of when I take part in the legal consultations organized by the Bar of Montreal each year at the Salon VISEZ DROIT. At this legal fair, hundreds of people benefit from the free private legal consultations given by a hundred or so members of the Bar of Montreal. I get a lot of satisfaction from this kind of mutual aid activity.”

Extra Junior Laguerre, lawyer

A tax lawyer, Mtre Laguerre did his articling period for the Barreau du Québec at the Service de recherche of the Court of Quebec. He then worked for the Agence du revenu du Québec before taking the plunge and starting up Laguerre Tax Lawyer, his own firm, specializing in tax law.

In addition to providing legal consultations at the Salon VISEZ DROIT, Mtre Laguerre is a member of the Liaison Committee with the Court of Quebec, Civil Division, and the Liaison Committee with the Tax Court of Canada. He is also Vice President of the Young Bar of Montreal and a member of the Association de planification fiscale et financière.

Without hesitation, Mtre Laguerre says that not getting involved, particularly for young lawyers, in an organization as central to the legal profession as the Bar of Montreal, is a big mistake, in his opinion. By not making a commitment, such colleagues deprive themselves of a chance to play an active role in the discussions and decisions that will affect their profession, and miss out on invaluable contacts that would definitely have a very positive influence on both their personal development and their career paths.