2012-2013 – Mtre André Albert Morin, Ad. E.

Me André Albert MorinMtre André Albert Morin, Ad. E. – Admitted to the Bar in 1985, he assumed direction of the Québec Regional Office of the Public Prosecution Service of Canada (PPSC) as Chief Federal Prosecutor when the organization was created in 2006.

It was as a member of the Committee on Ethics and Image that Mtre Morin first worked with the Bar of Montréal, in 2002, presiding over it from 2008 to 2010. He was one of the writers of the Guide of Professional Courtesy, published in 2006, which he then promoted in lectures to students at the Bar School and to many colleagues at events like the Congress of the Bar of Quebec.

Concurrently, he participated in the work of the Committee on the Administration of Criminal Justice (2004-2012). This is the committee to which he would return in 2013-2014.

With his interest in Bar affairs continuing to grow, he was elected in 2006 for a first two-year term as a member of the Council.  He accepted a second term from 2010 to 2012, which included nearly a year as Treasurer, until he resigned to take up the position of Acting Assistant Director of the Public Prosecution Service of Canada in Ottawa. Mtre Morin was also a member of the Board of Directors of the Association d’entraide des avocats de Montréal, a position that he had to leave when he went to Ottawa.

He has also been a worthy representative of the Bar of Montréal on various committees of the Bar of Québec, including criminal law, compulsory continuing education and the reform of the Code of ethics of advocates.

According to Bâtonnière Catherine Pilon, Mtre André Albert Morin is a man whose image and ethics are irreproachable.  He played an important role on the Committee on Ethics and Image and she has enjoyed working with him as a member of the Council.  She thanks him for having given very generously of his time to the activities of the Bar of Montreal.

The Director General noted that Mtre Morin is an engaged and intelligent man, who listens attentively to his colleagues:  “A volunteer whose presence at the table is always appreciated.”