2011-2012 – Ms. Gislaine Dufault

/images/Photos/2012-MeriteGislaine.Ms. Gislaine Dufault – She has worked with the Bar of Montréal for 26 years, with energy and the greatest professionalism, and holds the position of Director of Communications.

In fact , in addition to her regular duties, she is a member of the Salon VISEZ DROIT committee, responsible for coordination. Initially a member of the committee responsible for programming, seeing the need to provide a link between the activities on stage and the other activities of the Salon, she quickly became a vital and indispensable participant in assuring the event’s existence and continuity.

With an inexorable gift for repartee, combined with an irresistible sense of humour, her presence, at the numerous meetings of the Salon committee as well as at the Complex Desjardins, she has become a universal link between the hundreds of volunteers involved in this event designed to bring the Bar closer to the general public.  Because of her extraordinary sense of organization, she coordinates everything said and everything done – or not done – as part of the Salon VISEZ DROIT.

Everyone who has worked with her over the years has quickly realized that Gislaine Dufault is a tireless worker, devoted to her Bar, never shrinking either from the amount of work or the late hours often required to complete it.  She has unusual intellectual rigor and can always find the right words to speak or write about the facts, with both sensitivity and elegance.

The Bâtonnière is delighted to attribute this honor to Ms. Dufault on behalf of the Bar of Montreal. Ms. Dufault, our Directrice des communications, is creative, articulate, innovative and enthusiastic. In addition to her unrelenting devotion, Ms. Dufault is uncompromising in her work ethic and a friend to all who cross the Bar’s threshold. This is our way of thanking her for all that she is and all that she does.

The Director General, who has worked with Ms. Dufault for more than 20 years, notes that this tribute is entirely deserved.  A model employee and a most pleasant colleague, she has risen up the ladder of this organization because of the quality of her work and her numerous initiatives.  She has never let herself be limited to her task description…

It would be hard to conclude this too brief tribute to Ms. Dufault without mentioning that she largely contributed and insisted on the inclusion and participation of young lawyers in Salon VISEZ DROIT activities, in order to bring them closer both to their Bar and the general public and thus contribute to eliminating many myths surrounding the profession.

Gislaine Dufault, please accept our most deeply felt tribute!