2001-2002 Le très honorable Pierre Elliott Trudeau, C.P., C.C., C.H., C.R., LL.D., D. Litt., M.S.R.

C.P., C.C., C.H., C.R., LL.D., D. Litt., M.S.R.C.

Photos/MedaillesMerites/PETRUDEAUAt its April 25, 2001 session, the Council of the Bar of Montréal decided to present its Medal, posthumously, to The Right Honourable Pierre Elliot Trudeau, C.P., C.C., C.H., C.R., LL.D., D. Litt., M.S.R.C., for his contribution to the cause of justice.

After studying in Canada and abroad, Pierre Elliott Trudeau became noted for his involvement in social issues and his writing.  He supported workers during the asbestos strike and participated in the founding of the journal Cité Libre.

He turned to politics.  In 1967, his first year as Minister of Justice, he proceeded to reform the Divorce Act and liberalize legislation governing abortion and homosexuality.

In 1969, during his first term as Prime Minister of Canada, he oversaw passage of one of the country’s most important texts, The Official Languages Act, which guarantees the bilingualism of the federal administration.

He proceeded to repatriate the Constitution and orchestrated the drafting of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

At the end of his career, he turned to international issues, speaking out for world peace and improving relations between the industrialized countries and the Third World.