2005-2006 L'honorable Claire Barrette-Joncas


Photos/MedaillesMerites/CBARRETTE-JONCASThe Medal of the Bar of Montreal was presented to the Honorable Claire Barrette-Joncas, supernumerary judge on the Superior Court of Montréal.

A law graduate of the Université de Montréal, Justice Barrette-Joncas was admitted to the Bar in 1957. At the start of her career, she practiced on her won, concentrating on criminal and family law.  In fact, she was the first woman to plead before the Court of Criminal Assizes of Montreal in 1958. A pioneer, she would also be the first women to be president of the Junior Bar of Montreal, in 1962.

Appointed judge in 1975, Ms. Barrette-Joncas this year celebrates her 30th anniversary on the Superior Court, where, for 15 years, she held the very demanding office of Coordinating Judge of the Criminal Division. Despite the difficulty of the tasks she assumed, she always treated all participants in the judicial system, especially the members of the Bar, with great respect.

Because of her remarkable capacity for work and her extraordinary availability – she would even agree to see lawyers at her own home, in the middle of the night, to deal with urgent procedures – the Honorable Claire Barrette-Joncas deserves the admiration of all lawyers but especially Montreal’s criminal lawyers.

That is why the Bâtonnier of Montréal is proud to honour a brilliant career dedicated to the cause of justice by presenting to the honorable Claire Barrette-Joncas, on behalf of all the members, the highest distinction of the Bar of Montréal.