This year's Salon VISEZ DROIT is reinventing itself ! From January to April 2021, Salon VISEZ DROIT hosted a wide range of interactive virtual activities to inform the public of their rights and obligations, popularize legal information and make the justice system more accessible and less intimidating.
Merci à tous ceux et celles qui ont contribué au succès de cette 23e édition du Salon VISEZ DROIT !

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Message from the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
The honourable David Lametti, C.P., c.r.,

To the participants in this year’s Salon VISEZ DROIT.

Everyone working in the legal system knows this has been a year to innovate and adapt, and Salon VISEZ DROIT is doing just that.

Indeed, the pandemic has not only impacted the functioning of our courts. It is a crisis that has exacerbated already existing inequalities in our society.

Now more than ever, we must work together to increase public confidence in the justice system and access to justice.

Our Government is proud to collaborate with the Barreau de Montréal and its members to advance our shared priorities. I want to offer my thanks and congratulations to all who have worked in trying circumstances to organize this virtual event.

I wish all participants a great Salon VISEZ DROIT.

Message from the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Quebec

Mtre Simon Jolin-Barrette

The Salon VISEZ DROIT helps bring the law within citizens’ reach. For its 24th edition, the Salon is going virtual and will be easily accessible for participants across Québec.

This year, the Salon will run from January to April and feature a variety of fun and interactive activities. Its conferences and workshops will provide participants with simple and clear information on a range of topics, including family law, landlord and tenant law and labour standards.

As Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Québec, I am pleased to support this initiative. I also wish to thank everyone who worked hard to make this event possible.

Enjoy the Salon!

Message from Montreal's mayor
Ms Valérie Plante

For over 20 years, Salon VISEZ DROIT, under the umbrella of the Bar of Montreal, has been offering Montrealers special insight into the justice system.

Year after year, this event helps democratize the justice system and promote its accessibility, noble objectives that the city of Montréal salutes. Indeed, the city is proud to support the Salon.

I would like to thank all the legal professionals who donate their time and expertise for the benefit of Montrealers. Bravo for what you do !

I would also like to congratulate the organizers for holding this event despite the exceptional context of the pandemic and for adapting the program by offering free, interactive virtual activities.

I invite the public to seize this unique opportunity and to participate in large numbers in the activities offered.

Message from the Bâtonnière of Montréal
Mtre Robin Schiller

Bonjour à tous les citoyennes et citoyens de Montréal. Le Barreau de Montréal est fier de présenter la 23e édition du Salon VISEZ DROIT, dans un tout nouveau format virtuel et éclaté.

Sous le thème « Avec vous, chez vous! », le Salon VISEZ DROIT 2021 se déroule de janvier à avril et offre une foule d’activités virtuelles et interactives gratuites, afin d’informer la population de ses droits et obligations, de vulgariser l’information juridique et de rendre le système de justice plus accessible et moins intimidant.

Alors que la pandémie continue de bousculer nos vies, les besoins d’information et de conseils juridiques n’ont jamais été aussi criants.

C’est pourquoi nous sommes fiers d’offrir cette programmation unique qui comprendra des consultations juridiques privées et gratuites, des conférences sur des sujets d’intérêt, des jeux-questionnaires, des capsules d’information juridique, ainsi que des activités en collaboration avec les écoles.

Je vous invite à consulter régulièrement la programmation, car de nouvelles activités s’ajouteront au fil des semaines. Le Salon VISEZ DROIT, c’est le plus grand carrefour d’information juridique gratuit au Québec.

Profitez de ces activités gratuites et partagez l’information avec votre famille et vos amis! Le Salon VISEZ DROIT, c’est pour vous.