2008-2009 Honorable Georges P. Vanier

(1888-1967) À TITRE POSTHUME

images/Photos/MedaillesMerites/VANIER.General Georges P. Vanier was a national hero who earned international renown. He had an illustrious career, but very few Canadians know that he first worked in Montreal as a lawyer.  Indeed, it was his training in law, combined with profound personal faith, that drove his passion for social justice.

Among his many achievements, it should be noted that 1959, he became the first French Canadian Governor General, that he had an impressive diplomatic career from 1928 to 1953 and that, during the World War I, he left the practice of law to found the 22nd Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, which in 1920 became the Royal 22nd Regiment that recently served in Afghanistan.

Granting the highest distinction of the Bar of Montreal to General Vanier is an act of solidarity with the soldiers serving their country abroad and an act of compassion for all the Québec families who have lost a dear one in Afghanistan during the tour of duty of the Royal 22nd Regiment.

The Bâtonnier of Montréal is proud to honor this brilliant career, dedicated to the cause of justice, by presenting Georges P. Vanier with the Medal of the Bar of Montréal, on behalf of all members.