Me Robin Schiller, nouvelle bâtonnière de Montréal

Félicitations à Me Robin Schiller, élue bâtonnière du Barreau de Montréal pour 2020-2021.

C’est sous le thème « Ensemble/Together » que la nouvelle bâtonnière entend inscrire son mandat.

Voir la liste des membres du Conseil 2020-2021 élus par acclamation


Council and direction

The members of the Council represent various areas of practice of the legal profession (private practice, government jurists, legal counsel to corporations, etc.) and serve as the eyes and ears of the Bâtonnier in the legal world and the community as a whole.

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Pierre-Fournier Prize (Merit)

The Pierre-Fournier Prize is conferred by the Council on persons who may or may not be Members of the Bar and who are recognized for their exceptional contribution to The Bar of Montreal and its activities.

It is presented in a velvet jewel box and consists of an insignia representing the logo of The Bar of Montreal.

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Interested in your Bar?

The Bar of Montreal is looking for volunteers to sit on its various committees or to give lectures or provide legal consultations to the general public.

Every spring, a committee comprised of the Bâtonnier, the First Councillor, the President of the Young Bar of Montreal and the Director General reviews the composition of the various committees of the Bar of Montreal and makes recommendations to the Board.

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