Message from the Bâtonnier  |  Mtre Michel P. Synnott

The Bar of Montreal is proud to present the 22nd edition of the Salon VISEZ DROIT, which will be held once again at La Grande-Place  in Complexe Desjardins from April 8 to 11, 2019 under the theme “A Forward-Looking Justice.” This event constitutes the biggest legal information hub in Quebec.

Open to the general public, the Salon offers a unique opportunity for learning more about the rights and obligations of all and about our legal system. You can also seek legal advice from volunteer lawyers available on site to answer your questions, all at no charge and in complete confidentiality.

As in the past, the members of the organizing committee have made every effort to offer you a special program featuring interactive and entertaining activities, and the opportunity to meet numerous exhibitors in the legal field directly on site.

Be sure to take advantage of this unique, free opportunity !

Enjoy the Salon VISEZ DROIT !

Message from the Honorary President |  The Right Honourable Richard Wagner, Chief Justice of Canada

In today’s world, the law (like everything else) is moving, changing, and becoming more complex. But every citizen deserves to be able to know and understand their rights and responsibilities, and know how to enforce their rights if they need to – even in a complicated world.

Understanding rights, and understanding how society balances people’s rights when they come into conflict, is essential to what we call “access to justice”. But access becomes more difficult as legal problems become more complicated, take longer to resolve, and cost more money.

That’s why events like Salon VISEZ DROIT are so necessary. Through this yearly event, the Bar of Montreal helps give members of the public the tools they need to understand the legal issues they may face. By attending, you’ll learn more about how the legal process works, where you can get help, and what resources are available to help. You’ll be better able to get access to justice when you need it – and you never know when you might need it.

I encourage everyone to participate in Salon VISEZ DROIT’s free legal consultations, interactive games, and educational activities with your family.  

Congratulations to the Bar of Montreal and everyone who worked hard to make this event such a success.

Enjoy your visit !

Message from the Minister of Justice and attorney general of Canada | The Honourable David Lametti

I am pleased to welcome participants to the 22nd edition of the Salon VISEZ DROIT.

Organized by the Bar of Montreal, the Salon VISEZ DROIT is an accessible event with a mission to educate and inform the public through its wide range of free activities, enables participants to be better informed of their rights and responsibilities.   

Events like this inform Canadians and raise awareness of how our justice system works and helps them make informed decisions.

The Department of Justice recently concluded its 150th anniversary celebrations last year and now 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Official Languages Act. As we celebrate these historic milestones for our country, we are also looking ahead to the future.  

As Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, I invite you to learn more about Canada’s justice system, criminal justice and family law by visiting

I would like to offer my congratulations to the Bar of Montreal. I hope that all visitors will enjoy this informative event.

Message from the Minister of Justice and attorney general of Québec | Mtre Sonia LeBel

The Salon Visez Droit is an annual event that helps build a bridge between citizens and the justice system. Its activities and exhibitors, and in particular its free legal consultations, promote one of the Québec government's priorities—access to justice.

The theme of this year's Salon, "A Forward-Looking Justice", is especially relevant to the government's current plans to make the justice system more innovative and more efficient.

The justice system of the future will result from a culture shift, making better use of existing resources and new technologies, in particular through online services. In addition to this technological component, we also intend to promote the development of options that offer an alternative to the conventional court process. They include mediation, a promising approach that helps both prevent and resolve disputes.

All Quebecers must be able to assert their rights at all times. As Minister of Justice, I commend the effort made by the Bar of Montreal team to organize the Salon, which offers citizens an opportunity to get more information about their rights and recourses.

I also thank all the partners for supporting the Salon, thereby promoting better access to justice.

I hope you enjoy the Salon !

Consult the Salon VISEZ DROIT 2019 program