At the beginning of my term of office, I attended the first meetings of each of the 40 committees of the Bar of Montreal, and sometimes more if the committee was directly related to this year’s theme, “An Inclusive Bar”.

I was therefore able to see the excellent work members are doing. Without the invaluable assistance of some 400 volunteers serving on the committees, the Bar of Montreal could not accomplish all that it does to ensure the administration of justice and to protect the public.

In addition, it is common knowledge that in the interests of good governance, it is important to change the composition of committees annually by adding some new blood. Therefore, every spring, a committee composed of the Bâtonnier, the First Councillor, the President of the Young Bar of Montreal, and the Executive Director reviews the composition of the various Bar of Montreal committees. The committee takes into account the year of appointment and attendance at meetings, among other things, to determine whether or not to recommend that a member’s term of office be renewed.

In replacing members whose term of office is not renewed, the committee will attempt to maintain a certain equilibrium and diversification within the committee concerned (sex, age, language, type of practice, size of firm or company, ethnocultural diversity, etc.). Furthermore, because work committees are involved, the members to be recommended must have experience related to the work of the committee concerned.

After this thorough review, the committee makes recommendations to the Council, which, at its first meeting of the year, will set up the committees and appoint their members. In order to facilitate its task, the committee to set up committees will obviously need a list of potential candidates.

As is the case each year, the Bar of Montreal is therefore looking for volunteers to serve on its various committees, but also for speaking engagements or legal consultations for the general public.

Are you interested in your Bar ?

I invite you to complete and return the form.

This survey is designed to set up a bank of candidates interested in participating in the activities of the Bar of Montreal, but it does not constitute, for obvious reasons, a commitment on the part of the Bar of Montreal to make appointments of such candidates to their desired committees.

I have enjoyed being the Bâtonnier because I was able to meet dynamic and dedicated lawyers, among other things. I strongly urge you to join this incredible team.


The bâtonnier,


March 22, 2018