Small Claims

Small Claims assistance plans

Small Claims Court cases are increasingly complex and the financial stakes are often high. Why not consult a lawyer to be as best prepared as possible and to reduce the stress of going to court? An assistance plan is available to you for a reasonable pre-determined price.

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Why consult a lawyer?

Under a Small Claims assistance plan, you will be referred to a lawyer in your area to help you with your case, either by writing a formal notice or preparing your Small Claims Court case.

Even though a lawyer is not authorized to accompany you to the Small Claims Court on the day of your hearing, a lawyer can still help you prepare your case.

A lawyer can:

  • Analyze the case and provide a legal opinion.
  • Conduct case-law research and help you draft legal documents.
  • Help you call your witnesses and prepare them for testifying.
  • Help you to identify and gather all the documents you will need during the hearing.
  • Help you prepare for a mediation session with the other party, if you so choose.
The following plans are available :
  • Writing a formal notice : $250
    Before bringing an action in Court, have you thought of writing a letter of formal notice ? The lawyer will meet with you to discuss your legal problem, ponder your options and prepare a comprehensive formal notice to maximize your chances in settling your case rapidly. He will guide you in identifying the applicable law, to target the amount you can claim as well as pinpointing evidence you have in hands to prove the merits of your claim.
  • Preparation for the conduct of a hearing : $150 $
    You have a hearing set for the Small Claims Division and you need advice or information on the preparation and conduct of the hearing before the court?
    A lawyer can assist you in preparing your case and to familiarize yourself with the code of conduct in court.
  • Guidance meeting before the hearing : $250
    Whether you initiated the request to the court or have an action brought against you, it is important to be informed about the points of law essential to your cause, know the means at your disposal to bring proof along with you in Court and make a detailed plan for your presentation. The lawyer will guide you in these efforts and will, if necessary, provide you with case law to relevant your case.

You can even agree on a customized assistance plan with the lawyer if you ask him to take care of your case from start to finish. You can also mandate a lawyer to draft your proceedings or to enforce your judgment once it has been rendered, according to the terms agreed upon with the lawyer.

*These amounts do not include the disbursements relating to your case, such as costs of service for the formal notice.