Salon VISEZ DROIT : Nouvelle formule virtuelle, éclatée ... et toujours gratuite !

Cette année, le Salon VISEZ DROIT se réinvente !
De janvier à avril 2021, le Salon VISEZ DROIT offrira une foule d’activités virtuelles interactives et gratuites afin d’informer la population de ses droits et obligations, de vulgariser l’information juridique et de rendre le système de justice plus accessible et moins intimidant.

Consultez régulièrement notre programmation,
car de nouvelles activités s’ajouteront !


Besoin d'un avocat ?

Need a Lawyer ?

Referral service

The purpose of the Referral service is to provide means whereby persons, who are able to afford legal services or are admissible to legal aid but do not know a lawyer, may be referred to a member of the Bar who is registered in the Service and who is willing to give a preliminary hour consultation for a nominal fixed fee of $60. The service is provided by members of The Bar of Montreal, whose experience covers all phases of legal work.

Tel. : 514 866-2490
The Referral service reserves the right to refuse the application of any person who has previously consulted a lawyer on the matter.

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Concours Bonne mine

Write for Justice

2021 Edition

The Bar of Montreal is holding it's 34th annual competition of composition on a legal theme, aimed at students of primary and secondary levels on the island of Montreal.

The selected theme for this
year is the following:
As a young citizen, what is your responsibility when society is facing a crisis ?

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Débats oratoires

Debating Competition

2021 Edition

The purpose of the Debating Competition is to encourage Francophone and Anglophone College (CEGEP) students of the Montreal District to publicly debate a position on controversial and legal issues. The theme for the 32nd edition of the contest is:

Mandatory organ donation:
For or Against ?

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