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One of the goals of the Liaison with the Public Committee is to inform citizens of their rights and obligations in matters in which they have a direct interest, and to demystify the law, its practice and procedures as well as the work of professionals practising in this field.

Given at no charge on Montreal Island to socio-community groups (CLSC, old age homes, etc.) by volunteer lawyers from the Bar of Montreal, VISEZ DROIT Conferences are available, at your choice, on any of the following subjects:

The law of inheritance or successions   Deals with the importance of a Will, its different forms, its content, matrimonial regimes and family patrimony.
The Enduring Power of Attorney or Mandate in the event of incapacity   Explains the nature of an Enduring Power of Attorney given in the event of incapacity, the rules governing the drafting of this document, the formalities governing its completion, how it applies and when it ceases to apply.
The law governing the right to remain in one's home   Deals with rules governing the leasing of premises as well as consequences arising from the death or departure of one of the occupants when the other person who occupies the lodging is not the lessee.
Health care establishments and social services   Covers the different categories of health establishments and social services and the choice of the establishment and the professionals involved. There will be discussion as to the need for consent to treatment, the refusal of such consent, the code of ethics applicable and various possible recourses where the individual's needs are not being met.
Family law   Covers the differences between common law marriage and marriage and their issues. Also treats the rights and duties of spouses in the event of dissolution of their marriage.
Consumers Protection Act


Covers the rules covering the contract between consumers and traders under the Consumers Protection Act. Also treats of the right and duties of both contracting parties.

Topics relating to the practice of law   An introduction to Canadian and Quebec Laws / The courts and their rules of procedure / Business law (contracts, conflict resolution, etc.) / Lawyer Profession.


The place, date and time are to be determined upon consultation. Each conference will last about one hour, including a discussion period and questions.

If you wish to apply to present a speaker, please complete the Demande de conférence form by email at or by fax at 514 866‑1488.

For more information, kindly contact Mrs. Christine Plourde at 514 866‑9392, ext. 235.


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