• Déclaration concernant l’application de l’article 300 C.p.c. (In French Only)
    As a result of the work done by the IT Advisory Committee, this Declaration aims to provide a framework for lawyers wishing to use an appropriate method of recording to ensure the integrity of depositions. The Declaration was signed on May 10, 2017 by Simon Tremblay, then Bâtonnier of Montreal, as well as by the Hon. Jacques R. Fournier, Chief Justice of the Superior Court, and the Hon. Lucie Rondeau, Chief Justice of the Court of Quebec.
  • The Information Technology (IT) Guide (This document is in French only)
    GuideMandatsPorteeLimitee_Cfr_COURRIELThe Information Technology (IT) Guide was produced by the IT Consultative Committee of the Bar of Montreal. Composed of judges, lawyers and technologists, the committee aims to make judges and lawyers aware of the uses of technology and its impact on their practice.

    Published in the form of booklets, the Information Technology Guide is designed to be an upgradeable reference tool.

    With time, new booklets will be issued, each one with simple, practical advice on a variety of topics (e-mail management, information security, electronic evidence, etc.).

    Guide sur les technologies de l'information : La gestion des courriels
    (1er fascicule - mise à jour : février 2017)

    Guide sur les technologies de l'information : Le document technologique et son intégrité
    (2e fascicule - mise à jour : février 2017)