Referral Service

The purpose of the Referral Service is to provide means whereby persons, who are able to afford legal services or are admissible to legal aid but do not know a lawyer, may be referred to a member of the Bar who is registered in the Service and who is willing to give a preliminary hour consultation for a nominal fee of $60. The service is provided by members of The Bar of Montreal, whose experience covers all phases of legal work.


All lawyers who are members in good standing of the Bar of Montreal can register with the Referral Service by filling out and signing a registration form that indicates the fields of law in which they have experience and are ready to take on clients.

By registering with the Referral Service, they agree to receive any clients, on the Island of Montreal and as quickly as possible, who may be referred to them by the Service and whose problems are in one of the areas of practice indicated on their form.

They further agree to a maximum fee set by the Council for an initial half-hour consultation OR the legal aid tariff rate if the client is eligible for legal aid.

Moreover, lawyers undertake to inform clients of their normal fee and to obtain the client’s consent before continuing the consultation for more than 60 minutes.

For more information on the Referral service, please contact The Bar of Montreal :

Telephone : 514 866-9392, # 221