Presenting the Women in the legal profession Committee

Article diffused on April 1rst, 2014

The Women of The Bar of Montreal

The Committee of Women in the Legal Profession (the “Committee”) was created by resolution of the Council on June 21, 2005. The mandate of this Committee is “to advise the Bar of Montreal on issues that specifically affect women lawyers.  In addition to ensuring professional development by organizing training and networking activities, the members of the Committee consider the problems and opportunities encountered by women lawyers.”

Projects responding to every interest have been proposed for fulfilling the Committee’s mission "to assist women lawyers in remaining in the legal profession by offering them support in various forms.”

For example, the discussion featuring the Bâtonnière of Québec, Mtre Johanne Brodeur, Ad. E., Head of Legal Services at the Office of the Bâtonnière of Québec, which will take place next April 17, promises to be a source of inspiration on the subject of the competencies and experience required to advance a career.

The Committee presented a very interesting event in February as part of the Elizabeth-Monk Lectures, which met with great success.  On that occasion, the Honorable Louise Mailhot, Ad. E. spoke to participants about how women obtained access to the practice of law and the bench.  This subject was the topic of her book published last year.

The women of the Bar of Montreal are privileged to have such exceptional women as models.

In addition, the Committee occasionally publishes helpful texts and tools on the Web site (at Add this link to your favorites and check it frequently because the members of the Committee are currently working on providing even more material for you.

Would you like specific topics to be considered by the Committee or do you have suggestions to make? Contact the Committee.

Moreover, the Committee has created a LinkedIn group (Avocates du Barreau de Montréal) so that women in the legal profession can share their experiences and discuss issues of special interest to them.  Join that group and feel free to start a discussion!

The Committee is also interested in future members of the Bar of Montreal.  In fact, an activity is organized annually at the various Faculties of Law in Montreal to enable students to meet women lawyers whose careers have taken many different and gratifying routes.

Mtre Chantale Massé (Dagenais, Gagnier, Biron) is chair of this dynamic Committee for the second consecutive year.  Its other members are: Mtres Christine Aubé-Gagnon, Nancy Boillat, Nancy Cleman, Migen Dibra, Elisabeth Goodwin, Julie Lassonde, Audrey Lévesque, Francine Martel, Carolina Rinfret and Robin Schiller, not forgetting Mtre Nancy Brouillette, Committee Coordinator, and Mtre Doris Larrivée, Director General of the Bar of Montreal.