Physical exercise - Practical fitness exercises

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For a long time now, we've understood the importance of doing a specific number of minutes of exercise every week to stay healthy. However, Canadian researchers have been studying in depth to provide concrete indications as to what a healthy 24-hour period should look like for Canadians, depending on their age and physical condition. In October 2020, they released the Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines in which they made three key recommendations:

  • Move more
  • Get quality sleep
  • Be less sedentary

Sitting for long periods without interruption has been shown to harm the human body. You should take regular breaks, stretch out and stand up, when possible, to avoid sitting for too long.

Kinesiologist Valérie Guilbeault shares a short stretching session you can do from your office chair to help you move and feel better.


Being active every day is essential, but it’s also important not to sit for long periods without interruption. Try to:

  • Work while standing for a few hours a day, whenever possible.
  • Set an alarm every hour to take a short break and stretch your legs.
  • Get up from your desk anytime you can, including standing up during conference calls.
  • Take active breaks several times a day, including doing the exercises suggested by Kinesiologist Valérie Guilbeault.
  *Sources : Visit the Government of Quebec’s Portail santé mieux-être, the Observatoire de la prévention of the Montreal Heart Institute (MHI) website and the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology website for more information on adopting a healthy lifestyle and risk factors.  


The following resources are available to help you adopt an active lifestyle: