Nutrition - Tips for dealing with challenges

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Eating well can be easier when you cook your own meals, focus on healthy and varied foods and serve yourself reasonable portions. However, doing so can be more challenging when eating out, as is often the case for lawyers when they attend business dinners or go out for meals with colleagues.

Although it takes time to become informed and make some wise choices, it’s still possible to eat healthily in restaurants.

“Always use the healthy plate as a meal guide regardless of the type of restaurant.” Élise Latour, Nutritionist.


Here are some tips on how to eat healthily in restaurants:

  • Drink flat or sparkling water and avoid or limit alcohol.
  • Choose a dish that includes a substantial portion of vegetables or ask for a portion of the side dish (fries, rice, etc.) to be replaced by a larger portion of vegetables or a salad.
  • Make sure the protein in your dish (fish, chicken, meat, tofu, etc.) is grilled, baked or steamed and avoid breading and fried food.
  • If you choose a salad, ask for the dressing to be served on the side, so you can control the quantity, or even better, use oil and vinegar.
  • If you feel like having dessert, choose something light or, if it's bigger, share it.
  • Take time to enjoy your meal with your colleagues and listen to your hunger and satiety signals. If you don't finish your meal, ask to take away the leftovers.
  *Sources : Visit the Government of Quebec's Portail santé mieux-être and the Observatoire de la prévention of the Montreal Heart Institute (MHI) website for more information on adopting a healthy lifestyle and risk factors.  


Resources are available to help you adopt a healthy diet: