Mtre Lauréanne Vaillant's story

Working with inspiring people

“When I applied to university, I wasn’t sure what program to go into. I was interested in several areas: accounting, journalism and law. I have never regretted choosing law, which allows me to learn and understand the rules behind a variety of situations. In addition to helping me to develop my analytical skills, law has taught me to be creative in problem solving. My first involvement with the Bar of Montreal was in 2012, when I was asked to prepare a simulation for a criminal trial that would be acted out by CEGEP students at the Salon VISEZ DROIT. I was hooked! So much so that from then on, I have been actively involved in organizing the Salon VISEZ DROIT and all its activities. Be sure to attend the next edition, which will be taking place in April at Complexe Desjardins. We’ve got some surprises lined up for you!”

Lauréanne Vaillant, lawyer

Mtre Lauréanne Vaillant has a passion for criminal law, a passion that revealed itself during one year of practical training with the judges of the Criminal Division of the Court of Quebec. Called to the Bar in December 2011, she joined the team at Frederick Carle, avocats, a private law firm representing defendants in criminal and penal cases, after doing her articling period there for Bar admission.

Mtre Magali Fournier, the Bâtonnière, had asked her to act as emcee for the 2015 Journée du Barreau – a challenge that she met brilliantly. The Bâtonnière had nothing but praise for this young lawyer, adding:  “With Lauréanne’s dedication and contagious energy, she is definitely THE person you’d want on your team.”

Mtre Vaillant likes the challenges involved in cases related to finance. In the past three years, she has had an opportunity to work on some major cases in which the evidence to be analyzed contained thousands of records and raised some stimulating legal issues. She particularly enjoys explaining criminal law in layman’s terms so that her clients have a better understanding of why she makes certain representations before the Court and to the prosecutor.

Dynamic and dedicated, Mtre Vaillant is also the administrator responsible for the ExtraJudiciaire Committee of the Young Bar Association of Montreal.

What she likes most about being involved with the Bar of Montreal is the warm welcome she always finds. The friendly atmosphere at meetings and contagious good humour of committee members make her look forward to the next meeting.