Mental health

The Montreal Bar would like to be a vector of change through its Member Relations Committee, and openly discuss this situation in launching the Be MINDful campaign.

The aim of this campaign is to remind us in particular that mental health is not just a matter of avoiding illness or disorders. Mental health is the basis for being able to function on a personal and professional level, as well as for our physical and psychological well-being, while relying on the interaction between individuals and their environment. For members of the legal community, the modern world presents special challenges, such as competition, pressure to deliver billable hours and fast reaction time to keep pace with technology. Even though external stress factors cannot be avoided, we certainly can increase protective factors through the power we have over our own mental health and our environment. As a result, we can be attuned to the different aspects of our psychological functioning, whether at the cognitive level (memory, organization, mental agility, fixations and exaggerated concerns), emotional level (mood swings, hypersensitivity, irritability and sadness), behavioural level (loss of motivation, unusual mistakes, and reduced activity), consumption (alcohol, food, medication and shopping) and interpersonal relations (disputes, detachment, passivity and aggression).