Lawyers’ lounge and cloakroom

We would like to remind you that a CAIJ card is required in order to enter the Lawyers’ lounge and cloakroom, which is located in Room 2.159 of the Montreal Courthouse (2nd Floor). If you don’t already have a CAIJ card, you can apply for one online or in person (CAIJ | Montreal, Courthouse, Room 17.53).

The Bar of Montreal provides a lounge for lawyers where they can make telephone calls, review files, carry out research, relax or enjoy a cup of coffee with colleagues.

Café Thémis is located inside the lounge, and is staffed by a Bar of Montreal employee. This employee is there to assist lawyers with getting coffee or with renting a locker for the day. Please note that renting of robes and tabs has been interrupted for an indefinite period of time.

The Lawyers’ lounge also includes a business area that features workspaces, telephones, computers, a photocopier/printer, access to court dockets (Plumitifs) and free Internet access, along with a relaxation area furnished with armchairs and newspapers and a luncheon area equipped with a microwave oven, tables and chairs.

Encouraging up-and-coming artists

The Bar of Montreal is proud to provide a showcase for budding artists. In addition to encouraging young artists who are learning their craft, this initiative also adds a warm and welcoming ambiance to the Lawyers’ lounge. An annual contest, organized in collaboration with Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM), allows artists to submit up to 10 pieces based on a theme of their choice. The winner is selected by a jury comprising representatives from the Bar of Montreal and UQÀM.

Le 23 mars dernier, le Barreau de Montréal a procédé au dévoilement des œuvres de la gagnante de cette année Valérie Bourgeault-Béland. Pour l’occasion, le bâtonnier de Montréal, Me Extra Junior Laguerre, a remis une bourse de 1 000 $ à cette inspirante artiste.


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