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GuideCourtoisieProfessionnelle_Cfr_Sm Guide de courtoisie professionnelle (In French Only)

Cet ouvrage, cité par les tribunaux, est un complément aux dispositions du Code de déontologie des avocats. Il a pour but de guider les membres du Barreau dans leurs relations professionnelles. Le Guide prévoit également une procédure informelle pour la réception et le traitement des manquements à la courtoisie professionnelle.

Guide de courtoisie professionnelle (2e édition)  
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  • Harassment and discrimination: How to react ?

    The Bar of Montreal makes a point of studying its members’ concerns in a variety of areas. Unfortunately, a concern that still exists today is problems related to sexual harassment.

    This observation, together with events in recent months, both here and elsewhere, have prompted the members of the Women in the Legal Profession Committee to confront the issue of harassment and offer information and awareness tools.

    A situation, action or comment may create a feeling of discomfort. Sometimes we just put it behind us and move on, but in some circumstances, we might want to react differently. For times when it is not possible to talk it over, the Women in the Legal Profession Committee suggests:

    • The Oups ! card
      A little business card you print up and keep with you. A small, unobtrusive way to point out that a faux pas has been committed and suggest that the person visit the page  On this page, the person who received the card will find out why and will be directed to a web page (in French) with information on the different forms of harassment.

    • E-mail
      A sample e-mail that can be personalized to let an individual know that his or her behaviour has made someone feel uncomfortable. Use it yourself or if you are a witness to any vexatious behaviour.
      - E-mail from the person concerned
      - E-mail from a witness

    • Le harcèlement psychologique et la discrimination : Sensibiliser et dénoncer (in French)
      In this article, Mtre Julie Lassonde goes over some of the concepts concerning harassment and discrimination. She also has advice for anyone facing these problems.

    • La boîte à outils (in French)
      A list of links and resources related to harassment.