Election of the Council 2021-2022


An election will be held for the position of First Councillor (one-year term).

Voting will take place electronically from April 26 to April 29, 2021 at 16 p.m.
On April 26, 2021, eligible voters will receive an email inviting them to vote.

The counting of the votes will take place as soon as the vote closes, and the results will be posted on the Bar of Montreal’s website as soon as possible.

Presentation of candidates for the position of First Councillor

Proposed by: Mtres Michel P. Synnott, Valérie Tardif, André Baril, Magali Fournier, Ad. E., Patricia Fourcand, Christian Azzam, Simon Tremblay, Extra Junior Laguerre, Marie-France Dompierre and Alexandre Forest.

Biographical Notes
• Admitted to the Quebec Bar in 1994
• Lawyer at Malo, Dansereau (1994 to 2002)
• Lawyer at the Tax Litigation Directorate of the Department of Justice Canada (2002 to date) 

To my professional slate are added several charitable activities, which enrich my career and allow me to give back to society. Among these, the organization of Christmas baskets for families in distress and the activities of the Bar of Montreal for the public are a great source of satisfaction.

My involvement with the Bar dates back to 1998. As a member or chair of committees, I have collaborated in the Conferences for elders, the Salon VISEZ DROIT, the Debate Tournament and the Write for Justice contest. These activities, in addition to demystifying the profession, contribute to improving its image.

In 2016, after some 18 years of involvement, I received the Pierre-Fournier Award in recognition of my outstanding contribution, which earned me the honour of being featured in the column “Figures de maître”. (www.barreaudemontreal.qc.ca/avocats/me-julie-mousseau)

The following year, knowing the Bar better and better, I was elected Councillor and, two years later, Treasurer. What a great opportunity for the dynamic person that I am to put in good use my leadership, my attention to detail and my constant search for solutions!

It is with these 23 years of contributions to the Bar of Montreal that I am running for the position of First Councillor with, in mind, the protection of the public and the enhancement of the visibility of the profession.

My priority? To be an effective right-hand woman for the Bâtonnier and to continue the projects started this year: revision of the rules of governance – an ongoing trend, revision of the electoral rules and creation of an electoral guide.

That said, I am also interested in other topics, including:

  • The Salon VISEZ DROIT: This legal information hub created in 1998 deserves to be better known. I would like to continue to make it grow, in particular through partnerships, including with the City of Montreal.
  • The illegal practice of the profession: The colossal work of guardian in this regard also deserves to be better known.
  • Mental health: Despite the glimmers of hope in the face of the pandemic, the mental health of articling students and members remains a concern. Recent statistics must lead to concrete action.
  • Technologies: Technological advances present challenges. New ways of doing things must be promoted and members supported in this regard.
  • Diversity: In all respects! A diverse Bar is a rich Bar. The election of Me Extra Jr. Laguerre as the first Black Batonnier is historic. The executive could serve as an example: varieties of sex, languages, experiences- young/older (I'm talking about myself, it goes without saying!).

Over the past three years on the Council, I have familiarized myself with the workings of our ecosystem and acquired the knowledge required for the position of First Councillor.

Allow me to put this experience to the service of the Bar of Montreal.

Thank you for your confidence!


Proposed by: Mtres Louis Sévéno, Mylène Lemieux, André A. Morin, Ad. E., Pascale Pageau, Sabine Uwitonze, Alex Goupil, Joey Suri, Catherine Boutin, Extra Junior Laguerre and Roberto Savarese.

As lawyers, we have a commitment to uphold the trust society bestows upon our profession and ensure that it is not taken for granted. My dedication to our profession and our community is, above all, a reflection of my desire to cultivate this bond. 

There is no doubt that the Bar of Montreal and its members have a crucial part to play to ensure that our judicial system reflects the values of those for whom it was created. The citizens of Montréal must have confidence that we, as lawyers, can always be counted on to defend their interests and represent them with unwavering loyalty, dignity and with honour. 

Since the very beginning of my practice, my values have fostered my desire to contribute to our profession’s evolution and participate in its growth. In 2018, I had the honour of being elected as the 120th President of the Young Bar of Montreal (YBM). Thanks to our army of volunteers we accomplished many of our goals. Notably, we published a first special edition of “L’Extrajudiciaire” on the challenges of mental health among lawyers and launched the first guide in Quebec for lawyers in private practice who accept legal aid mandates.

My previous mandates on the Board of Directors of the YBM, as Secretary and Representative respectively, reinforced my belief that the Bar of Montreal is, and should remain, an influential player in solving the issues and obstacles faced by the citizens of Montreal. This past year has certainly created its fair share of challenges and uncertainty for all of us, both personally and professionally. Thankfully, the law practice adapted rapidly via its online presence, which allowed us to seamlessly continue our service to the citizens of Montreal even during these uncertain times.

However, challenges such as unemployment, isolation, work-life balance, financial pressure, and psychological distress are more prevalent than ever. We must continue to address these issues and strive to find durable solutions. The impacts of the pandemic must continue to be monitored and addressed as required. They must remain at the forefront of our Bar’s agenda in tandem with our longstanding mission to protect the public, especially against the illegal practice of law. 

It is for all of these reasons, that I propose my candidacy for the position of First Councillor of the Bar of Montreal. I am persuaded that my passion to serve and the acquired experience will position me to support and assist our “Bâtonnier” in his mandate and accomplish his projects. I can be of great assistance and help in overcoming the challenges and obstacles the pandemic has created for our profession and society.  

I was born and raised in Montréal and completed my studies at the Faculty of Law of the University of Montréal. In 2014, I joined Grondin Savarese Legal where I share our firm’s values of involvement and social commitment, much like my two partners Roberto and Paul-Matthieu. My practice focuses on civil/commercial litigation and insolvency. This has led me to plead before all courts and most recently before the Supreme Court of Canada. On a personal note, my wife and I became first time parents this past year and welcomed our beautiful daughter Lili into our lives.

- Jonathan.

Candidates elected by acclamation

The following candidates having been unopposed, are declared elected and will be presented at the Annual General Meeting, on May 5, 2021

  • Mtre Extra Junior LAGUERRE, Bâtonnier (one-year term)
    Proposed by : Mtres Valérie Assouline, Pierre-Luc Beauchesne, David Ettedgui, Alex Goupil, Caroline Larouche, Chantale Massé, Heather Marjorie Michelin, Julie Mousseau, Alice Popovici and Jonathan Pierre-Étienne.
  • Mtre David ETTEDGUI, Treasurer (one-year term)
    Proposed by : Mr. Bâtonnier Paul-Matthieu Grondin, Mtres Extra Junior Laguerre, Mylène Lemieux, Nancy Cleman, Harry Dikranian, Bernard Amyot, Ad. E., Ian Solloway, Luc Deshaies, Ad. E., Maria Giustina Corsi and Lynne Kassie, Ad. E.
  • Mtre Mylène LEMIEUX, Secretary (one-year term)
    Proposed by : Mtres Extra Junior Laguerre, David Ettedgui, Alice Popovici, Sabine Uwitonze and Alex Goupil.
  • Mtre Sabine UWITONZE, Representative of the Young Bar of Montreal (one-year term)
    Proposed by : Mtres Alexandra Paquette, Caroline Larouche, Catherine Boutin, Mathieu Jacques, Mylène Lemieux, Nada Belhadfa, Stéphanie Beaulieu, David Ettedgui and Alice Popovici.
  • Mtre Gabriel DI GENOVA, Councillor (one-year term to complete the mandate left vacant by one councillor who has resigned)
    Proposed by : Mtres Alexander Karambatsos, Natasa Karambatsos, Maxime Cloutier, Matthew Mc Laughlin, Jennifer Hava, Antoine Hammam, Zarnab Durrani, Antonino Gentile, Vincent Robert and Jason Gauthier.
  • Mtre Valérie ASSOULINE, Councillor (two-year term)
    Proposed by : Mtres Karl Tabbakh, Sandra Abitan, Alexandre Forest, Simon Tremblay, Joseph La Leggia, Sophie Papillon, Sandro Cellucci, Jonathan Pierre-Étienne, Walid Hijazi and Gregory Azancot.
  • Mtre Indra BALASSOUPRAMANIANE, Councillor (two-year term)
    Proposed by : Mtres Luc Giroux, Michael Heller, François Gottlieb, Danielle Deschênes, François Goyette and Julie Boncompain.
  • Mtre Mélanie DUGRÉ, Councillor (two-year term)
    Proposed by : Mtres Luc Deshaies, Ad. E., Delbie Desharnais, Catherine Bergeron, Julie Chenette, Steeves Bujold, Marie-Ève Dufresne, Julie Mousseau, Pierre-Luc Beauchesne, Nathalie Lefebvre and Nathalie Marois.
  • Mtre Chantale MASSÉ, Councillor (two-year term)
    Proposed by : Mtres Arthur Jay Wechsler, Caroline Gelac, Francine Martel, Alexandre Forest, Isabelle Poirier, Christine Aubé-Gagnon, Nancy Cleman, Michel P. Synnott and Rachel Clément.

Other members of the Council

The following councillors will be entering the second year of their two-year mandate :

  • Mtre Caroline LAROUCHE, Councillor
  • Mtre Heather MICHELIN, Councillor
  • Mtre Alice POPOVICI, Councillor