Election of the Council 2020-2021

Result of the Election for the position of Bâtonnier

Voting took place electronically from May 1, 2020 to May 8, 2020, at 2 p.m. for the position of Bâtonnier (one-year term), sought after by Mtre Francisco Couto and Mtre Robin Schiller :

 Eligible voters :  
 Number of voters :  

15486 (100%)
3299 (21,3%)

 Mtre Francisco Couto :
 Mtre Robin Schiller :
 Number of cancelled votes :

1411 votes (42,8%)
1878 votes (56,9%)
10 (0,06%)

Mtre Robin SCHILLER having obtained the greatest number of votes, is elected Batonnière of Montreal for 2020-2021.

Candidates elected by acclamation

• Mtre Extra Junior LAGUERRE, First councillor (one-year term)
• Mtre Julie MOUSSEAU, Treasurer (one-year term)
• Mtre Sabine UWITONZE, Secretary (one-year term)
• Mtre Jonathan PIERRE-ÉTIENNE, Representative of the Young Bar of Montreal (one-year term)
• Mtre David ETTEDGUI, Councillor (two-year term)
• Mtre Caroline LAROUCHE, Councillor (two-year term)
• Mtre Heather MICHELIN, Councillor (two-year term)
• Mtre Alice POPOVICI, Councillor (two-year term)

Other members of the Council

Other members of the 2020-2021 Council are the following Councillors, who are entering the second year of their mandate:

• Mtre Valérie ASSOULINE, Councillor
• Mtre Pierre-Luc BEAUCHESNE, Councillor
• Mtre Alex GOUPIL, Councillor
• Mtre Chantale MASSÉ, Councillor