ALTER EGO Bulletin Board

In order to facilitate the twinning of lawyers seeking temporary assistance with lawyers willing to provide services
on an occasional basis, the Bar of Montreal is pleased to present the ALTER EGO Bulletin Board.

Need some temporary help with a mandate?

Lawyers wishing to post a service request on the ALTER EGO Bulletin Board should download the form below 
and return it to Once approved, the service request will be posted on the 
Bulletin Board for one month, unless a request to withdraw is received. To extend the posting, completion of 
a new form will be required.


The Bar of Montreal cannot be held responsible for information and representations made by lawyers using the ALTER EGO Bulletin Board, it being understood that it acts only as a facilitator. As the Bar of Montreal is not a party to any agreement that may be entered into via the ALTER EGO Bulletin Board, it cannot be held responsible for damages of any kind resulting from any defect, fault, negligence or omission in the granting, performance or conclusion of any mandate that may be entered into between the posting lawyer and the accepting lawyer.  

ALTER EGO Bulletin Board

Service request posted on November 23, 2020

Area of law : Famille
Posting lawyer : Me Ian M. Solloway

Description of the mandate : Senior family litigation lawyer seeking someone for research / preparation of memoranda during the year. Must have a family law background and be fluently bilingual (oral and written).
Information : - 514 906-1701 #251

Service request posted on October 6, 2020

Area of Law : Commercial Real Estate

Posting Lawyer : Mtre Robin Schiller

Description of the mandate : Seeking a lawyer willing to accept a commercial real estate matter with a possibility of litigation. The mandate is immediate.