Advocates Mutual Association


The Annual General Meeting will be held Monday April 27, 2020, at 5:30 p.m.
in the Maurice-Boileau room of the Bar of Montreal,
40 Notre-Dame East.

The Secretary-treasurer
Jack H. Chadirdjian, lawyer

Incorporated in 1938 under Part III of the Québec Companies Act, the Montreal Advocates' Mutual Assistance Association, known until 1992 as the Montreal Advocates Charity Association, seeks to "come to the aid of advocates now or once practicing with the Bar of Montreal, their spouse, widow or widower and children in need and deserving of aid."

Its 10-member Board of Directors, while independent of the Bar of Montreal, has enjoyed its support and the assistance of its staff since the very beginning.

When a person in need calls on the Association, two directors meet the applicant and discuss ways of providing assistance in the strictest confidentiality. In spite of the social net introduced since 1938, requests for assistance continue to appear. They are sometimes heartrending, reminding the Board members how isolation can strike.

The annual subscription of $25 is payable to the association through the Bar of Montreal, attention Jack H. Chadirdjian, Director General of the Bar of Montreal. Thanks to the capital accumulated over the years, the Association can assist colleagues in need. The directors also offer advice when the situation is appropriate or direct those seeking their aid to appropriate resources, paying the fees involved.

The Board of Directors is formed by the following members:

  • Mtre. Jeffrey Boro, President
  • Mtre. Robert Primeau, Vice-president
  • Mtre. Jack H. Chadirdjian, Secretary-treasurer
  • Mtre. Geneviève Apollon, Director
  • Mtre. Dominique Boutin, Director
  • Mtre. Diane Chartier, Director
  • Mtre. Marie Christine Kirouack, Director
  • Mtre. Michèle Meleras, Director
  • Mtre. Johanne O'Hanlon, Director
  • Mtre. Johanna Sarfati, Director

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Contact Information

Telephone : 514 866-9392
Fax : 514 866-1488
E-mail :

Postal address :
460, Saint-Gabriel Street, 2nd floor
Montreal (Quebec)  H2Y 2Z9

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