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Addiction is a disease characterized by the inability to control behaviour that you know is harmful to you.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Do I often wonder if I should quit?
  • When I try to quit, do I fail?
  • Do I feel physically ill?
  • Is my self-esteem affected by this addiction?

The importance of protective factors*

Developing personal and social skills as well as positive self-esteem can help you make better decisions for yourself, such as decisions that can affect drinking, drug use and gambling, but also other aspects of your life.

A quality social network facilitates helping each other and sharing, whether it’s sharing experiences or even affection and receiving support.

There are numerous protective factors, including being committed to organized activities in different areas, such as being on a sports team or in a music group, or getting involved in your community.

These factors allow you to acquire or develop various personal and social skills, thereby promoting successful social integration and enhancing the ability to communicate. They help to develop a circle of friends who share common interests, while helping to achieve the right balance for an active and healthy life.


If you recognize yourself or are concerned about someone close to you, you should know that resources are available to provide you with help or more information about addiction problems:

To receive care or services, or to find a psychotherapist with whom you are comfortable, contact any of the following:

*  Source : Portail santé mieux-être of the Gouvernement du Québec