La justice participative : pratiques gagnantes

Bar of Montreal — CAIJ Seminar
Length of training: 5 hours

October 17 2019, from 08:30 to 16:00

Club Saint-James Montréal (1145, rue Union, salle St-Denis)
Montréal, QC

Welcome starting at 8 a.m. (pastries and lunch included)

Bar of Montreal — CAIJ Seminar

  Deadline for cancellations with reimbursement: October 11, 2019                             


If you have any dietary restrictions, please notify The secretariat of the Bar of Montreal

Do you want to expand your service offer, provide customized solutions and integrate participative justice into your day-to-day practice?
We’ll be expecting you on October 17 for the 12th edition of the Round Table on Participative Justice!

The program :

  • Participative justice — Changing from warrior to problem-solver
    Keynote address given by Mtre Michèlle Thériault, professor and author, on the transformation of justice and the change in mindset required to integrate participative justice.
  • Integrating participative justice into your practice and being able to live on it!
    Lawyers who have successfully integrated participative justice into their service offer will share concrete and effective practices with participants for developing a clientele, file management, fee structure, etc.

Speakers :
Mtre Dima Haffar
Mtre Miville Tremblay
Mtre Patrick Zakaria

  • Adding some creativity to dispute prevention and resolution
    The legal community is undergoing dramatic change, and creativity is an essential tool for every type of practice in order to make the transformation. In this context, Ms. Tessa Manuello will demystify the use of creativity and identify innovative ways to prevent disputes and settle conflicts. In this interactive and enjoyable talk, she will suggest new ways of working and delivering legal services, and encourage all participants to add some creativity to their DPR processes.

Speaker :
Ms. Tessa Manuello

  • Looking to construction law to integrate participative justice
    The Code of Civil Procedure encourages lawyers to integrate conflict resolution processes into their practice. This is a challenge for litigators, and to meet it, participants can take a look at the experience of construction law practitioners.

Speakers :
Mtre Olivier Kott, Ad.E
Mtre Serge Pisapia
Mtre Sophie Truesdell-Ménard

  • Portraits in participative justice — The PARLe online service
    This segment allowing participants to discover different approaches to participative justice focuses on the Office de la protection du consommateur’s PARLe (Platform to Assist in the Resolution of Litigation Electronically) service. This innovative and attractive solution promotes access to justice.

Speakers :
Mtre Marjorie Théberge, vice-présidente aux affaires publiques, institutionnelles et organisationnelles
Mr. Patrick Lahaie, administrateur d’État - Project manager

Activity reserved for legal professionals.

*Length of training: 5 hours. An attestation of attendance will be emailed after the activity.

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