Colloque sur le louage résidentiel

Seminar | The Bar of Montreal - CAIJ
Training by a recognized provider for the purposes of mandatory continuing education – 6 hours

October 30 2018, from 08:30 to 16:30

Club Saint-James (1145, avenue Union, Montréal) , QC

The Bar of Montreal — CAIJ | Seminar, organized by the liaison with the Régie du logement Committee, under the honorary presidency of Mtre Patrick Simard, president of the Régie du logement.

Inscription reserved to members of the Barreau du Québec.

  Deadline for cancellations with reimbursement: October 24, 2018                             


October 30, 2018, from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.  (pastries and lunch included)
Registration and pastries starting at 8 a.m.

With Mtre Patrick Simard, President of the Régie du logement, as Honourary Chairman, the 5th edition of the Colloque sur le louage résidentiel will introduce some participants to rental housing and related topics, while helping others to expand their knowledge.

The discussions will be moderated by Mtre Robert Soucy, Chairman of the Liaison with the Régie du logement Committee.

An event not to be missed by anyone interested in rental law in any way!

  • Les aînés et le logement [Seniors and housing]
    The speaker will address the new rules surrounding eviction of a senior, the notice of resiliation under article 1974 C.C.Q., the impact of the death of one of the parties and private seniors’ residences.
    Speaker : Mtre Mélanie Chaperon
  • La fixation du loyer et la modification d’un bail résidentiel [Setting the rent and changing a residential lease]
    An overview of the situation.
    Speaker : Mtre Suzanne Guévremont
  • La moisissure dans un logement [Mould in a dwelling]
    The problem as seen by a lawyer and a building expert.
    Speakers : Mr. Rhéal Garlarneau and Mtre François Turco
  • Le top des sujets chauds à la Régie du logement [The Régie du logement’s hot topics]
    Recent developments in rental housing law.
    Speaker : Mtre Josée M. Gagnon
  • Le CAIJ et la Régie du logement [The CAIJ and the Régie du logement]
    Discover this special focus on the Régie du logement.
    Speaker : Catherine Wagner
  • La légalisation du cannabis en matière de logement et ses conséquences [The legalization of cannabis and its impact on rental housing]
    Speaker : Mtre Valérie Cuierrier-Besner

*Training by a recognized provider for the purposes of mandatory continuing education – 6 hours.
An attestation of attendance will be emailed after the activity.

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