Write for Justice contest


The Bar of Montreal is holding it's 33rd annual competition of composition on a legal theme, aimed at students of primary and secondary levels on the island of Montreal. Here is the selected theme for this year :
What is your vision of a more just world ?

Primary: 3rd cycle (200 to 300 words)
Secondary: 1st cycle (300 to 500 words) – 2nd cycle (500 to 700 words)

The awards ceremony will take place on April 1st, 2020 at the Complexe Desjardins, during the Salon VISEZ DROIT of the Bar of Montreal. The winners will read their essays to the audience and will receive $200 from the Bar of Montreal and Antidote, the indispensable writing assistance software suite from Druide informatique. They will also be invited for a guided tour of the Courthouse and for a meeting with a judge.

1. This contest is open to schools in the Montreal District. Three groups within both the French and English sectors are eligible: students in the third cycle of the primary level, students in the first cycle of the secondary level, and students in the second cycle of the secondary level. One winner will be chosen from each group, subject to fulfilling the selection criteria.

2. Elementary students must write a 200 to 300 word essay. Secondary 1st cycle students must write a 300 to 500 word essay and Secondary 2nd cycle must write a 500 to 700 word essay.

3. The essays, together with the Registration form, must be forwarded to the Bar of Montreal by January 17, 2020 :

4. A panel made up of members of the Bar of Montreal will choose the winners, whose names will be announced at the awards ceremony. This jury may also give honourable mentions to students who have not been selected as winners.

Faithfulness to the theme, originality, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, personal analysis.

Information : Bar of Montreal, 514 866-9392, extension 235.


Registration form
PDF file – 47 Kb

PDF file – 47 Kb

Information :
Bar of Montreal,
514 866-9392, extension 235