Serving the whole of Montreal Island, the Bar of Montreal, with close to 15 000 members, is the largest of the 15 sections of the Barreau du Québec. It participates actively in the administration of justice through the Bâtonnier and councillors, who generously devote their time and efforts to the advancement of the profession. To do this, there are more than 40 committees with a total of more than 300 members, all working to reinforce the integrity and influence of the profession at all levels.

The Bar of Montreal contributes to the protection of the public by providing information and enhancing awareness of rights. A number of events involving various legal spheres have been developed over the years, such as Salon VISEZ DROIT, the “Write for Justice” essay contest and student debates.  These events are continuously refined to meet the needs of the public.

The Bar of Montreal helps the public find a lawyer through its Referral Service, whose purpose is to provide anyone who is able to pay the cost of legal services or eligible for legal aid but does not know a lawyer the name of a member who has registered for this service and is thus willing to provide an initial 30-minute consultation for a fixed fee of $30.

Finally, the Bar has developed and maintains special solidarity with colleagues who have less than 10 years of practice by providing significant financial support to the Young Bar of Montréal, whose representatives actively contribute to the activities of the committees and the Bar Council.

In short, the Montreal Bar with 169 years of history is moving RIGHT toward the future !