Council and direction 2017-2018


The members of the Council represent various areas of practice of the legal profession (private practice, government jurists, legal counsel to corporations, etc.)
and serve as the eyes and ears of the Bâtonnier in the legal world and the community as a whole.

Council of the Bar of Montreal 2017-2018

Sitting - from left to right : Mtre Philippe-André Tessier, Treasurer, Mr. Bâtonnier Brian R. Mitchell, Mtre Michel P. Synnott, First Councillor, and Mtre Extra Junior Laguerre, Secretary.

Standing – from left to right : Mtre Doris Larrivée, Executive Director, Mtre Alexandre Forest, Councillor, Mtre Walid Hijazi, Councillor, Mtre Robin Schiller, Councillor, Mtre Marie Cousineau, Councillor, Mtre Alexandra Popa, Councillor, Mtre Michael N. Bergman, Councillor, Mtre Sonia Lebel, Councillor, Mtre Francisco Couto, Councillor, and Mtre Caroline Larouche, Representative of the Young Bar of Montreal.


Mtre Doris Larrivée, Executive Director
Mtre Nancy Brouillette, Human Resources Director
Mrs Gislaine Dufault, Communications Director
Mtre Nathalie Guertin, Director of Legal Affairs


Mtre Catherine Alix, Committees Coordinator
Mrs Vicki Baribeau-Pessiridis, Administrative Assistant
Mtre Stéphanie Bouchard, Committees Coordinator
Mtre Jean Michel Desgagnés, Committees Coordinator
Mrs Frédérique Faubert, Administrative Assistant
Mrs Ruth Kalama, Reference Assistant
Mrs Linda Marcotte, Receptionnist
Mr. Alexandre Martin Dufresne, Salon des avocats Hostess
Mrs Christine Plourde, Communications Assistant
Mrs Isabelle Poirier, Administrative Assistant
Mr. Jocelyn Roy, Salon des avocats Hostess
Mrs Marie-Ève Sansfaçon, Salon des avocats Hostess
Mrs Katherine Taron, Communications Technician

Administrative services ensure that the Section’s affairs are properly managed. Their functions include the following : 

  • See to the execution of the Council’s decisions; 
  • Manage current affairs;
  • Administer the funds of the Section and manage the budgets of the Section;
  • Deal with requests for conciliation submitted by advocates who accept legal aid mandates;
  • Provide support and assistance to the Bâtonnier and the members of the Council;
  • Provide the support needed by some forty (40) committees;
  • Operate the Salon des avocats, for the benefit of members;
  • Organize and manage a Referral Service for the public.

And, in cooperation with the appropriate committees :

  • They organize the Journée du Barreau and the group swearing-in ceremony;
  • They contribute to the organization of activities developed for the public;
  • They deal with complaints of illegal practice submitted under the Act respecting the Barreau;
  • They offer recognized activities as part of the Mandatory continuing education program.