Word from the Bâtonnier


Hello and welcome to the Bar of Montreal’s official website.

On May 10th, 2017 during the Bar of Montreal’s annual general meeting, I commenced my mandate as the 152nd Bâtonnier of Montreal.  

Inspired by the lessons drawn from the recent past and the consequent successes that followed, I was inspired to dedicate my bâtonnat under the theme of Un Barreau inclusif, wishing to look forward to constructing the Bar of tomorrow. My perspective is that even though the Bar of Montreal has existed for 168 years, it must continue its efforts in adapting to the structural, cultural and societal changes in order to reflect the rich diversity that is Montreal.

The Inclusive Barreau, to which I aspire, entails a detailed examination of the legal community and to further develop, in collaboration with a number of affiliated committees and organizations, a strategic action and communication plan which, among others, permits:

  • helping young lawyers overcome the obstacles they face in the attainment of both interesting and stimulating employment opportunities ;
  • highlighting the ever growing success of women in the profession in order to increase their rate of retention ;
  • maximizing the enormous potential within the ethnic and cultural communities by increasing their representation throughout the multiple levels of government to further echo this diversity in the workplace ;
  • continue in our efforts to eliminate the invisible walls which impede the progress of those lawyers who identify as part of the LGBTQ community ; and
  • helping lawyers in distress by raising awareness within the legal profession to the problems surrounding mental health in order to confront these taboos and further encourage lawyers to aptly detect the earliest symptoms of mental distress, or better yet, to develop practices that reduce the challenge of mental health in our profession ;

In addition to the aforementioned priorities, I intend to continue the work of my predecessors pertaining to the revision and improvement of the English language version of the Civil Code of Procedure as well as improving the current procedure relating to the adoption of laws in Quebec.

Finally, the Bar of Montreal has recently purchased new premises to provide its administrative services, the Council will work diligently alongside the teams in place in the interest of ensuring that this new premises better accommodates the present and future needs of this section.

I hope that during my time as Bâtonnier of the Bar of Montreal we will be able to have and indeed create a truly more inclusive Bar.

Happy surfing !