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Figures de maître

By reviving this feature, introduced by Lynne Kassie in 2000 while she was Batonnière, The Bar of Montreal seeks to draw attention to inspiring lawyers who have made exceptional achievements outside their usual area of practice, who are involved in their community and who seek to advance the law or enhance the image of justice through their actions.

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Want to become a mentor?

By offering the mentee opportunities for learning and achievement, the mentor helps him develop self-confidence. Since the mentoring relationship is both personal and professional, it also offers the mentor an opportunity, even a unique chance for self-evaluation.

Moreover, mentoring enables experienced lawyers to feel useful, experience personal satisfaction and develop a critical attitude. It appears that the main benefits for the parties go hand-in-hand with higher quality legal services, thereby resulting in greater protection of the public.

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Upcoming activities


March 27, 2018
English Speaking Section of The Bar of Montreal General Annual Meeting
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April 9 to 12, 2018
Free admission
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April 17, 2018
Indépendance et diversité
des administrateurs :
des enjeux de taille

Recognized training : 1 h 30
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June 14 and 15, 2018
CLE, networking and
tourism – Chicago 2018

Recognized training : 10 h
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Webinar available until
March 31, 2019
Copyright – Canada and the United States: Top 10 Differences (Rebroadcast)
Recognized training : 1 h
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