Biography - Audrey Lehouillier

Very active since she was a child and passionate about health, Audrey Lehouillier first completed a college diploma (DEC) in health sciences while training in contemporary dance at the École de Danse de Québec. After graduating in 1998 from Les Ateliers de danse modern de Montréal Inc. (LADMMI), now known as the Montreal School of Contemporary Dance, she pursued a career as a dancer and choreographer for about 10 years. In 2004, she completed a massage therapy training program and has been working in the field for the past six years. In 1995, she discovered Pilates, which she has been studying and practising for more than 20 years. Trained to be a Spinal and Pilates teacher at Spinal Mouvement in 2010, her approach applies to both the general public and athletes, fitness programs and rehabilitation as well as pre- and post-natal periods. Ever-attentive to precision and detail in movement, she seeks to combine respect for the body and the person with finding a sense of balance while experiencing the pleasure of movement. Audrey Lehouillier is the manager of Spinal Mouvement’s exercise studio and training centre.